This year’s autumn is reaching its peak so we went out this Sunday to explore the colourful woods around Guildford area in Surrey with a lovely family of four. We were very lucky with the weather even though it looked at first it’ll be a very dull afternoon sun came out as soon as we start walking around the woods!

It was a relaxing walk through vibrant landscape with stunning views over Guildford cathedral and south downs to one side. Kids were enjoying themselves running around each finding a stick – the larger the better! To my and mum amusement even dad join in with the “stick game”.

So we had to quickly put aside their new toys when we reached the opening where I took lovely family portraits with wonderful glowing Autumnal light in the background. Aren’t they just magical?

And I’m happy to hear they love it so much they will hang it on their sitting room wall! I always feel very happy and honoured to give a family something a memory they can cherish for years. It gives me that warm feeling and this is why I love doing my job so much!

If you’d like to have similar portraits please give me a shout, there is still time for autumnal photo session. Or why not do an indoor one or if you love winter early mornings can be also stunning with frost on the ground and a sense of serenity in the air. Hope to write about one soon and have a lovely November!






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