Let me introduce you to a 4 month old pug Taz. Isn’t she a sweetheart?

Her owner Tjasa got in touch and asked me for a couple of shots so we met in a park in south London, close to where they live. And despite the fact I knew I was going to have a photo session with a pup I was still blown away how small and soft she was; and all those friendly kisses!

We had a lovely photoshoot even though Taz is still a very playful pup she is very well behaved thanks to her mummy; she’s doing a superb job of teaching her all sorts of tricks.

Of course we had to take one with pink wings and as you can see at the end Taz was happy to get them off 🙂

Tjasa was thrilled with the end result and hopefully Taz liked her walk in the park as well (and all the sausage pieces!).

I’m always happy to do a pet photo session and if you have a beloved pet and want some great images please get in touch.



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