Ever since I started with Family Stars Photography I had picture in my mind of capturing true connection between children and their pets. So I had a chance to do this in recent photo shoot in Godalming, Surrey with two energetic but lovely in any way kids and their two dogs called Neo and Teddy. It wasn’t without lots of help from their mum and nan but we made it work so it was fun for all!

The most of all I am delighted their parents absolutely love these photos, as they said “they [kids] look at its most natural”.

If you already have a pet you know it’s hard work nevertheless you see immense benefits it has on your children. If you’d like the love they have for each other caught on camera so you and your kids can cherish it for years to come, give me a shout.

To encourage other families to have a dog here are 5 reasons why you should get one.

1. Teaching responsibilitySebby with Neo

This is a very obvious thing when it comes to pets and children and having a pet is a great way to teach responsibility to kids. Children can discover how they can make a difference by just making sure that the family dog has food and water. Empathy and compassion are all acquired skills by caring for their pet, while developing a higher level of self-esteem by taking care of their pet-owning responsibilities.

2. True friendship

Having a pet provides constant companionship through the difficulties of growing up. Even when they’re confronted with hard life lessons, a beloved dog can be a significant source of comfort for children. Petting and cuddling dogs has also been shown to relieve stress and help people relax. Kids can always turn to their pet when they feel bad or feel guilty or unhappy about something.

3. More energetic way of lifeSebby with Teddy

As we all now, having a dog means you go for a walk at least one time per day and plenty of play time. It makes us go out whatever the weather and it shows the kids about importance of being active. Those adorable puppy eyes they give you are sure to motivate you even when you’re not feeling up to it.

4. Health benefits

Research has found that children who grow up with dogs experience a reduced risk of allergies. Exposure to pet dander and the microbes that pets carry into the home from the outdoors is also suggested to improve babies’ developing immune systems. Recent studies have found that babies raised in close contact with a pet get sick less often in their first year of life, meaning fewer visits to the doctor’s office.

Sebby and Skyla5. Making kids and families happy!

I think this one is perhaps the most important off all. Dogs bring families together with interaction and more active way of life. It creates a bond between family members and helps to get rid of all small tensions as pet is often the focus of activities that families do together. All science aside, playing and interacting with dogs is just plain fun and it’s bound to brighten any kid’s day.

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