For those who don’t know, the time of day just around sunrise and just around sunset is referred to as
Golden Hour. I just absolutely adore these images taken just before sunset!

As you can see photos shot during the Golden Hour take on an extra soft and warm tone that makes my adorable subjects look even better. When shooting mid-day when the sun is overhead, the light can be harsh and produce hard shadows and blown-out highlights that’s why I always encourage my clients to do the photo shoot early – mostly because evenings photo sessions are too hard for little sleepy heads.

But this little one was a star, laughing out loud and smiling ear to ear all the way through even though it was just before her bed time! You may noticed I have done those two monkeys before when Julia was just a few months old. But look at her now; she’s growing up to a very jolly little baby girl and taking photos of her and her big sister brings joy to my heart.

If you like these images and would love to have your family captured in this stunning gold light in an outdoor environment don’t hesitate – as you can feel the chill in the evenings, autumn will be here soon. But there will be plenty of opportunities throughout the autumn months for a warm and snugly family portrait in stunning colours.

Get in touch and we can speak about your golden hour photography session!

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