Do you love Bluebells and would love to have stunning portraits of your family amongst them?

This is a unique opportunity to have those portraits done before little blue bells fade away!

Mini photo session is perfect for busy families and last half an hour.
You are also getting 3 digital images or one A4 print for £49.

Photo sessions will take part near Compton Village in Surrey on 29th and 30th April (weather depending). 

Contact me for more info and to book your space,

5 Photography Tips

for taking great photos of kids in flowers

  • Take it easy

Advice number one would be to relax and make it a fun day out with the kids. They will feel if you’re stressed out and it will do no good so take your time and enjoy snapping away. Try different things and don’t be afraid to make a lot of images to get a perfect one.

  • Find Flowers

But first of all you need to know where flowers are. The best way is to ask around your friends who live in the area or visit one of the National trust sites. One way is to enquiry about them on your local Facebook page – I found this is the easiest way! Or you can always go for a walk and explore the area.


  • Clothes are important

What to wear is important so it doesn’t clash with the flowers. Anything simple would do, try not to overthink it and go with the settle colours and avoid heavy patterns that can distract from actual faces on the photos. A simple jeans and one colour shirt outfit is perfect.


  • Get closer

What I mean with that is to get down closer to the actual flowers and take different perspective. You will immediately see the difference and if you sit your kids on the floor amidst blooms it will look stunning.


  • Be patient!

Probably the hardest thing these days but it does shows on final images and it is well worth it. You need to take time to get the best photos of your kids. Make it a game so they will not take it as if it’s something they “have” to do. Photographing kids is all about having patience and press the shutter at the right time. So don’t expect you will just take one photo and it will be done!

Good luck!

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